About us

Biscuit Brand is part of Ikste Group and operates as a marketplace for buying and selling biscuits or cookies. Below is the incredible story of our success.

In December 2015, Biscuit Brand which was created by a Chemical Engineer launched as an e-commerce store that aims to sell biscuits or cookies for manufacturers worldwide. Our ambition received so much demand from manufacturers and buyers in various countries worldwide such as the United States, United Kingdom, India, China, Kenya, and Uganda. This was a positive outcome but was not feasible as there are billions of brands of biscuits which would require unprecedented manpower to upload each manufacturer’s brand on the platform, therefore Biscuit Brand had to restructure.

In January 2016, the decision was made to change Biscuit Brand from an e-commerce store to an e-commerce marketplace for biscuits or cookies. This decision would give biscuit producers the freedom to upload their biscuit products (both branded and unbranded such as homemade biscuits) and have their own store within the Biscuit Brand site.

Therefore, the vision of Biscuit Brand evolved as ‘to be the storehouse for scarce, popular and delicious biscuits.’

To achieve the vision, we had to adopt 5 core values. Our core values are safety, customer satisfaction, simplicity, quality, and impacting the world positively.

Our core values


We take safety and security very seriously; this is the reason our servers are being protected and developed by some of the world’s leading developers and programmers in the computer industry.

Customer Satisfaction

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity seeking to excel our customers’ expectations. We operate with buyer’s protection and always make decisions from the buyer’s perspective.


We believe in keeping things simple and elegant. Therefore, we try as much as possible to be precise and accurate from the very beginning to the end of our endeavours.


This is what makes us unique as we strive for excellence and safety. This is the heart of all that we do and this is the reason we have an optional vetting for companies that register with us. The option includes checks of registration, number of years active, food and hygiene certificate and awards won. We check the companies or sellers once they upgrade to premium plans such as BB Diamond, BB Gold, BB Silver and BB Bronze with diamond indicating the company displays a remarkable standard and could market all over the world, and the Bronze showing a remarkable standard but restricted to the markets within a setting demographic.

BB Diamond Great company and can dominate the world market
BB Gold Great company and can dominate both national and international markets
BB Silver Great company and can dominate national and reach international markets
BB Bronze Great company and can dominate national markets

Impacting The World Positively

We support innovation and new ventures. Biscuit Brand also seeks to promote new biscuit or cookie suppliers by connecting them with partner advertisers at a discounted rate. As Biscuit Brand is part of Ikste Group, we also believe in the slogan follow your dreams (FYD) and help charities and individuals who are ambitious by supporting their positive ventures.