Biscuit Or Google About Mariah Careh After New Year

It was just like any other day having to wake up to another media storm of breaking news on yet another celebrity, I haven't even had time to eat a biscuit. Then suddenly I saw a post from the news notification on my Iphone, Mariah Careh made a remarkable display in a New Year music concert. I remember to have seen videos and pictures about Mariah Careh within the previous week having a lot of fun on the beach (no link added as Biscuit Brand prohibits nudity).

Oreo brand might have the best biscuit in the world.

    In a state of shock, dismay and hunger I began to ask myself what will I do? Should I reach to satisfy my stomach or should I google Mariah Careh? This blog posting seeks to answer these questions that we face between survival or entertainment.

    How to defeat feelings of temptations and choose focus

    1. Ask yourself is it really worth it? Breathe and think about the situation and yourself for a minute. In my case, why should I research on a celebrity that will get paid regardless of what he or she does. I have thing's to focus my mind on.

    2. How does the decision I take benefit the world and myself? If you consider your choices carefully and examine the advantages you will most likely make the right decision. When the news of Marih Careh broke, at that time I was very hungry and I think it will have been appropriate to give her the respect and feed myself.

    3. Out yourself in the other persons shoes. How will you feel if it was you in a devastating situation and it seems that the whole world has turned against you in a twinkle of an eye. As the Golden Rule says, "do what you want others to do unto you" .

    By respecting others and yourself, people will begin to respect you.

    You will start earning friendships from everywhere. Some days five or more people will come and try to be your friend and seek to hang out with you.

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    This blog post has sought to convince you that there is more to life than just seeking to find out about a celebrity who might just have a little trouble that I am pretty sure will blow over in a couple of weeks or even less.

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