Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Frequently Asked Questions are a pointer to what Biscuit Brand stands for and what we hope to achieve.

  • How can I contact customer services?
    Simply email us using or find us on twitter @biscuitbrand
  • Can't seem to login into your account?
    We are very sorry to hear that; please check your internet connection before emailing us on
  • Having difficulties ordering products?
    We are sorry for such an experience, please kindly report the problem by emailing us on and someone will review your queries and deal with your needs immediately
  • Does Biscuit Brand offer a wholesale service?
    We provide a platform for biscuit sellers; any number of units can be sold through Therefore yes, wholesalers of biscuits or cookies are accepted to join us
  • How long has Biscuit Brand been in existence?
    Well, we opened in December 2015 in the United Kingdom as an e-commerce biscuit store with the ambition to be the largest platform for trading biscuits worldwide, but the demand was so huge and we could not handle the traffic, therefore we decided to rebuild as an e-commerce biscuit marketplace with the same vision
  • Do you sell other products other than biscuits?
    In the United Kingdom, if someone needs a specialist doctor for something serious, they visit the surgeon in that area. Therefore, we only sell biscuits or cookies because this is what we love
  • Why Biscuit Brand and what makes you unique?
    We offer a secure marketplace to trade only biscuits or cookies from anywhere in the world. We seek to bring manufacturers, wholesalers, sellers and lovers of biscuits together. Our aim is that any brand of biscuit or cookie can be found on