Terms and Condition

At Biscuit Brand, we like to treat everyone equally in the way we would like to be treated. To live comfortably and friendly in our online community, we have created the following rules of conduct that everyone who wishes to engage with us must abide by:

  1. There is only one Biscuit Brand with one vision of creating a marketplace selling all the biscuits in the world. No other company or individual is allowed to use our name for marketing their brands if not accessed and permitted by us.
  2. No one has permission to create or copy any of our concept or content without referencing us for a purpose of misleading the general public.
  3. No one is allowed to use Biscuit Brand in any fake or scam product. We will contact the police in such cases and the person(s) responsible will be banned completely from the site.
  4. You must treat everyone in our online community on Biscuit Brand with complete love and respect.
  5. Biscuit Brand is a marketplace for selling biscuits or cookies and we are generally very secure. You must also be careful and do your own due diligence or research before purchasing. The manufacturers of the biscuits or cookies may not be responsible of listing an item or any wrongdoing.
  6. Although opinions or constructive criticisms are welcomed, you must never threaten anyone whilst using Biscuit Brand. It is prohibited to purposely aim to destroy a seller's reputation, particularly if you are a competitor.
  7. A seller on Biscuit Brand is not allowed to speak negatively of another seller to have a better rating or lure their customers.
  8. You are only allowed to make payments through Biscuit Brand as this is a more secure environment. Any seller seen asking for payment outside of Biscuit Brand will be considered a scammer and be banned from Biscuit Brand.
  9. No one is allowed to say or do anything that is seen to be a way of manipulating people in order to generate profit or refund. In a buying scenario, we hold the payment of buyers at our end until they confirm orders have arrived and they are happy. Buyers have one week to either ask for a refund or open a dispute after the products have been confirmed as arrived, before the payment is released to the seller.
  10. You are not allowed to take any of the manufacturer’s, seller’s or buyer’s details on Biscuit Brand for any purpose whatsoever unless permission is given by us or the owner.

By accepting the rules above, we would like to use this opportunity to thank you and celebrate your consideration of using Biscuit Brand with freedom. We welcome you to the world of biscuit trading.